Why South Pasadena is a Great Place to Buy a Home

Residing in the West San Gabriel Valley, the enchanting streets of South Pasadena aren’t only lined with gorgeous homes. They are lined with a large variety of native California trees. The lack of palm trees and Spanish Colonial houses make it a popular location for films that take place in the Midwest and Northeast. Besides being a popular site for movie sets, what other facts set South Pasadena apart from its fellow Los Angeles cities?

AreaVibes.com rates South Pasadena as being exceptionally livable with a livability score of 85. The average of California is 65 and for the USA it is 70. South Pasadena is ranked 49th in California. South Pasadena excels because of the steady housing market, shrinking crime rates, impressive education/ employment, consistent weather and variety of services.

The goal of South Pasadena’s Chamber of Commerce is to provide support and help in to mom and pop joints. Recently the Chamber of Commerce paired with the Pasadena Small Business Development Center to provide local businesses No Cost Business Advertising. This program pairs new entrepreneurs with experienced ones and industry experts in free one-on-one advising. The goal of this advising is to increase sales, obtain loans and establish businesses for long-term growth and prosperity.

The Chamber of Commerce has been very successful in building community with the South Pasadena Farmer’s Market. This 17 year-old event has gained immense recognition by being awarded the “Best Evening Farmer’s Market” by LA Weekly, Pasadena Weekly and Hometown-Pasadena.com. It was highlighted on NBC’s, “Which Way LA?”. This Farmer’s Market provides people of all socio-economic background the opportunity to celebrate fresh produce. They have financial assistance programs such as EBT available. They feature free events in addition to the market like Christmas Tree Lighting and Earth Day Celebration, which features local businesses. In order to develop the community further, they have an area for local nonprofits like the South Pas Arts Council and Relay for Life.

The crime in South Pasadena is 35% lower than the national average. For every 100,000 people only 5.31 crimes occur daily. With this data, South Pasadena is safter than 64% of United States cities. The total number of year over year crimes has decreased by 16%.

The average test scores in South Pasadena are 21% higher than the national average. In fact, 94.9% of South Pas residents have completed high school. At least 60.4% have at least a Bachelor’s Degree. The strength in education has increased employment rates dually. In comparison to the national average, South Pasadena has a higher income per capita by 63%, a higher median household income by 50%, a lower unemployment by 11% and a lower poverty rate by 50%.

The housing market is reflecting the health of the city by increasing steadily each year. The average home price is 374% higher than the national average. The median rent asked is 52% high than the national average.

The weather in South Pasadena is exceptionally pleasant. The average temperature in July is 76 degrees and the average temperature in January is 43 degrees. This ideal weather makes park picnics a common afternoon hobby. The most popular park in South Pasadena is the Arroyo Seco Park. This park has been awarded the best scenic running route in Northeast Los Angeles. Walkers, runners and joggers can enjoy a path along a river, by an equestrian ranch and under giant trees. With ample parking, many people can enjoy shade for their picnics. This park offers free archery lessons on Saturday. Another popular park is Garfield Park. Garfield is well maintained and highly populated with attendees. With tennis courts, sidewalk trails, lush grass, a large parking lot and a big playground, many guests come to Garfield for an afternoon in nature.

South Pasadena is an opportunity to experience a quiet, rich life in a community that continues to thrive, grow and support its residents. Homebuyers hoping to invest in a South Pasadena lifestyle should consult a real estate agent specially experienced in buying and selling homes in South Pasadena. Because it is a hot market, only an experienced agent should be trusted to advise you on your investment in a new home and a new lifestyle.